Friday, December 18, 2009

5 Weeks Left!

Well really 6 based on my due date but because of previous blood pressure problems they plan to induce a week early. I can't believe it!! Time has really flown by for us! It was like yesterday when I finally realized I was even pregnant.

We have been getting things ready for Miss Malorie to arrive. The room is ready, her clothes are ready, bags are packed.. Yes, I'm a very overly prepared, overly organized OCD individual :) That's not a bad thing right ;)

Caden seems to be understanding what's going on to some degree. I can tell because he starting to act out in ways he never has before. I think he sees how much we are putting into preparing for Malorie to arrive and plus I haven't been as involved with him as much as I used to be just because the bigger I get the harder it is to chase after him. But, I think all in all things will work out just fine and he will love her as much as we do!

We are ready for Christmas to come and for the new year to be here!! This year is definitely going to be a year of "new things" starting with Malorie's arrival!! We can't wait! Here are a few photos from when I was 31 weeks along.. as well as Malorie's room.

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