Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Snow!

Texas in not known for "snow days", but when we get them the always fall around the same times, Thanksgiving, New Years and Valentines Day. This year (2010) we had another Valentines Day snow!! Well Valentines Week Snow! This is mine and Michael's second time to see a Valentines snow! Last time Caden saw snow he hated it. When he was two we took him to Colorado and he hated the snow. But, this time he loves it! He woke up and said "is Santa going to come now".. I guess he thinks Santa comes when it snows ;P

Here are a few pics of our snow day!

Another week in the hospital..

Well, I thought that I had dodged the high blood pressure bullet. Not so much though. After Malorie was born I started having really bad neck pains. The pain got so bad that I initially thought it might have had something to do with my blood pressure. So I checked and it was 178/115. So I called my DR and they on call nurse told me that was way to high and to go on to the hospital. I get there and the ER DR checks me out and doesn't feel comfortable giving me BP meds but sends me home with steroids for what he thinks is a pinched nerve, then tells me to follow up with my OB on Monday.

Monday I call and get in to see my DR around 4pm. BP was still very elevated. She prescribes a BP medication then tells me to go home rest for 30 mins and call if it has not come down to 150/99. If it had not come down then I would need to be admitted until it lowers or they can regulate it with BP meds. In the meantime the pain in my neck is nearly unbearable and the steroids haven't helped at all.

So that night I go home and do as they say except I gave myself 1 hour instead of 30 mins. Still my bp was really elevated. So I had no other choice but to call. I called and they tell me to go straight there and I would need to leave the baby at home in order to rest and relax as much as possible. That stressed me out more then anything and I'm sure didn't help my bp at ALL.

After 4 days in the hospital and several drugs and medications along with several DRs the bp was somewhat under control and I was sent home with 3 different bp meds. My pain in my neck was caused by 2 severe ear infections that had infected my eustachian tubes and causing pain in my neck. My glads were extremely swollen and my throat was swollen and red. But, I never had pain in my throat or a fever of any kind.

Now almost 3 weeks after birth I still have one lingering ear infection and some pain which I'm managing with some strong pain meds. BP is still up and down but the gap in between is getting smaller and smaller. I still have about 6 weeks of definite need for bp meds, but realistically I have about 3-4 months of bp therapy needed.

Hopefully things will settle down soon. :)