Thursday, June 25, 2009

8 Weeks 2 Days

Well I had my first OB visit on Tuesday. Dr said that all looked great and my uterus ( a word I'm not allowed to say out loud at home - along with numerous other medical terms used during pregnancy) is growing right on schedule. In 2 weeks, 10 weeks pg, I go back for my first trimester appointment. They said that I can stop the progesterone around week 10 since the placenta takes over by that point and therefore controls the hormones to the baby - or something like that. :)
Then I will go in every month for 7 months, then every 2 weeks for 2 months then every other week the last month of my pregnancy. Caden still hasn't caught onto what is going on. We talk to him about it periodically and he knows Mommy can't pick him up for a while. But, he will, he's a smart cookie and will start to notice how big I'm getting soon!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Starting over...

Ok, well I couldn't remember my password to my old blog so I decided to start a new one. My old computer used to hold all of my passwords for me and it died a few months back.. Anyway, I had to go create a new gmail account and everything.. That's what I get for not keeping track of everything :)

Well, Caden's soccer camp is over.. It was really fun to watch him interact with other kids and his coaches. He really enjoys getting to play on a team with other kids. All of them were 3.. I think Caden was the youngest though. It was just so cute to watch them run around and have fun! :) I can't wait for the real games to begin.

Work has been busy for me.. It's wedding season (June) and so that doesn't help the business at all! I'm about 7 weeks pregnant and certainly feeling like it too! I have had a few days of nausea off and on, extremely tired and all the rest of the crappy syptoms that come along with early pregnancy. So I'm hoping this next month flies by quickly! I'm looking forward to feeling back to normal soon. :)

Michael has been home and I'm hoping he doesn't have to fly out too soon. He has to be gone at the end of July and by my calculations I should be just starting to feel better! I guess that's it for now.. I'm exhausted and headed for a nap.. :) Trying to get as many as I can while I can :)