Saturday, January 30, 2010

Malorie's Birth Story..

So here's how the birth of Malorie went for us. First of all we were totally shocked when, after going into early labor at 35 weeks, that at 39 weeks I ended up having to be induced. With Caden I was induced at 39 weeks as well do to high blood pressure, so that was the real reason for inducing at 39 weeks again. Apparently you have a much higher risk of pre-eclampsia and postpartum hypertension the second time around if you had it the first. Well, good news is that I did not develop too bad of a case of pre-eclampsia, my blood pressure was elevated approximately by 30 points, but it did not progress into post partum hypertention like last time. And I was really greatful for that. I think part of that is because I didn't gain as much weight (50 with Caden and 30 with Malorie).

I was scheduled to arrive at the hospital between 5-5:30am to sign paper work and pay. Even though I had already registered online... which I think it just a waste of time if they are going to make you do it all over again at the hospital. Anyway, I get up to L&D at about 6am. They take me back to my room and start getting me prepared. First thing's first.. IV. I'm not a huge fan of shots but I can tolorate them to a degree. As long as it doesn't last too long I'm good. Well, the nurse gets me numb (thank GOD) and starts to insert the IV. One minute goes by, then another and I look at her and she says "Good think you're numb - I can't seem to get this IV to thread, bare with me for a minute." At that point I was ready to vomit. It took longer then a minute and that's my max on IV. Plus even though I was numb I could feel the IV moving around trying to get through. I should have known then that things were NOT going to go as well as they did the first time around. So after what seemed like FOREVER she finally took the IV out (leaving me bruised still today) and reinserted it in a better location. Whew... and I didn't puke.. yet!

Nurses do rotation. So that nurse was out the door and in comes nurse number 2 and 3. Nurse number 2 was an older women who didn't care for the room I was placed in so she immediately has me moved to a different room. Nurse number 3 was a transfere from another hospital and was training that day.

Pitocin was started. Every 30 mins the dose was increased if my contractions were not 4-5 mins apart. (BTW I stared off at 4cm when I got to the hospital - not far to go.) We increased the dose 3 times before we were said and done.

Dr. comes to check on me and breaks my water. Pain started right then and there and did not stop until after delivery.

Begging for the epidural!!! This was the part that had me the MOST nervous. With Caden we had a slight hiccup and I was so scared that it was going to happen again. So I talked with the anesthsiolologist as long as I could before I finally said "just do it!" He gets the epidural placed and I anxiously wait for it to take affect!

Dr comes back to check in on me before leaving for her office to make sure she doesn't have to come right back. I was dilated to 6-7cm. Progress but anticipated delivery was not thought to be for another 2-3 hours. She leaves and at that point I realize that I could still feel pain. So I start pressing the button.

No luck.. Still feeling pain on my right side. I call for the nurse and she reccomends me rolling over to my right side to help. So I try that and in the mean time I can tell things are progressing much quicker then they had originally thought.

At this point I'm in sever pain and starting to panick because I now realize that the epidural is not going to work for me this time. I call the nurse back in asking for something to be done. She says she is going to call the anesthsiologist back to replace the epidural. She leaves...

The nurse came back and askes to check me since I seem to be in extreme pain. I was an 8-9cm. She looks at me and says "I'm sorry there is no time to replace the epidural you will have to deliver the baby"!!! AHHHHHHHHH Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!! I was not prepared for this!!! I started to feel sick, probably from pain, transition or from fear that I was about to deliver a baby only half numb!!!!!!! Nurse leaves again.....

I tell Michael to go get the nurse the baby is COMING OUT! She runs back in with another nurse and checks me, I'm 10cm and ready to go! She runs back out to call the DR and tells me to try not to move. Kind of hard to do when you can feel everything on one side and contractions are coming every 30 seconds with no relief at ALL!

Nurse preps and puts my feet up for delivery, then takes them back down and says "we should not have done that, please don't push until the DR arrives"... My thoughts are YEAH RIGHT!

In walks the DR. She starts preparing, getting everything ready and gloves on. "No pushing until I say to". Again.. I'm not sure I have a choice! I was just hoping she would slide right out!

PUSH!!! I could feel ever contraction... I pushed once, out pops the head, twice out comes her shoulders, three out comes the rest of her body!

Malorie enters the world! They place her on my lap and wipe her off. In walks the anesthsiologist "did you need me"... Seriously! AHHHH no more pain though!

Nurse says, "that wasn't so bad was it"! I coudln't see my face but I'm sure it was one of complete horror! I said, "I'm completely traumatized and will not be doing this again". But, I have to say after all of that.. It was worth it!

Miss Malorie was born on January 25th, 2010 at 10:31AM weighed 7lbs 12oz (bigger then we all thought she would be) and 19 inches long! We love you Malorie! :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Malorie Elizabeth Davis

She's here!!! Malorie Elizabeth Davis was born on Monday, January 25th, 2010 at 10:31am. She weighed 7lbs and 12oz and 19 inches long :) She's so sweet and cuddly! We are really enjoying her! Here are a few pics - Enjoy!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting Induced!!!!

Well we finally have a date!!! I will be induced on Monday, January 25th, 2010! I'm so ready to meet this little girl. The dr was pretty surprised to see me at my appt on Tuesday. I have made progress and it looks like when she does come it will not take long (crossing fingers). Stay tuned! 4 days and counting!!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We made it to 36 weeks!

And now I'm wondering after all of the "is she coming or isn't she coming" if I'll get to the last week of January and have to be induced! But, either way we are in the clear and she is free to come at anytime! I'm getting more uncomfortable by the day! We are all ready for her to be here but I think I can say that I'm most ready.. or so is my body at least :)

Caden can't wait to meet his little sister. He has a bear that looks just like his bear that he plans to give to Malorie. He keeps asking me when we can go to the hostipital (the way he says it) to get Malorie so he can bring her bear and give it to her! So cute!

I saw the dr today, I'm seeing her every week from now until the baby is born. She said progress is happening and she really doesn't expect me to make it much longer.. But, I have heard that before. I'll believe it when it happens. Stay tuned for the latest on her arrival and the progress getting there!