Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall is here!

It's been a while so here goes nothing..

Well, today Malorie is 9 months old.. My baby is growing up so fast. I remember thinking with Caden "just stay 3 months old, 6 months old..".. And now we will be registering for Kindergarten in April. It just seems so unreal to me. I don't even want to think about planning a birthday party for my baby! It seems like yesterday that I just had her.. I'm just not ready for her to be one or to be a toddler.

Malorie is a little busy body to say the least :) She has to see and touch EVERYTHING. She doesn't spend much time on one thing before she moves to the next and then the next. She keeps me busy following after her picking up the damage she has left behind. We call her our little tornado. She absolutely adores her brother, to her he is her entertainer. Although, Caden does seem to get annoyed by her easily, he loves her very much. I'll watch him kiss her randomly or hug her when she cries. He tells her he loves her before bed and kisses her good night. Even when Mom said she was going to take her home with her (jokingly) he said "I want Malorie to stay with us.." So I know those first 4 years of his life without her seem like a distant memory now that Miss Malorie is here to share the spot light, even if she pushes him out of the light sometimes.

She's growing like leaps and bounds too. She's 20lbs plus and super long. I don't even buy her anything that buttons at the bottom or zips because she just doesn't fit into it. Or if she does it's weeks before I'm setting it aside because it doesn't fit her anymore. She's wearing 12-18 months if that gives you any indication of how big she is. She's crawling everywhere.. She looks like a quick little spider when she crawls too. She's so fast she looks like she hops to her next location. And trust me she can pick up the speed pretty quick too.

She's been cruising the furniture for a while now, but recently she started letting go for a few seconds here and there. The other day she actually attempted to take a step without holding on, but then quickly plopped down to crawl her way there. I think she knows she can get there quicker crawling :) Smart little girl.

She says a few words like Mama, Dada, Dawg (for dog), more (for more food)...
And she still looks bald to most people, but to us her hair is coming in, it's just so light in color that you can't see it. It's now more of a light blond then a red and seems to be super straight like Michaels. I wish she would keep those head bands in her hair, she wants nothing to do with them. Our last photo shoot with Erin was quite a scene. It started off with Malorie getting an attitude and taking a chunk out of Cadens face.. He began to bleed and got his feelings hurt. I could see him start to cry but then he held it together since we were in public lol! Anyway, it ended up with a picture of the two of them, minus the bow and including a red mark on Caden's face. What can you do...? I asked Erin to try some photo shop on them, we'll see :P

Caden is 4 going on 14! He has a mind of his own with opinions to follow. Sometimes he will have conversations with Michael and I that just make us laugh for hours.
He's in preschool again this year and then next year he will start Kindergarten. We are still undecided as to what school he'll go to. But, I'm sure it will work out in the end.
He's a real charmer! Several times a day he will just come up to me and cuddle right up to me and say "mama, I love you...." then give me a big hug. Usually it's after getting into trouble, but how can you be mad at that. He's a handsome little thing too.. I can't tell you how many times I get stopped in public by people just to comment on how cute he is or or pretty his big eyes are with those long lashes and thick brows! If I had a quarter for every comment I would be a rich woman by now for sure! He's going to drive the girls crazy with those stunning looks. Michael and I will have to lock the doors up good. The good thing is he has such a sweet personality to go with those good looks. What a good combination :)

What's up with Michael and I you ask ... ? Well Micahel has been on the road again, actually in the air again. He's been traveling quite a bit, which means I'm home with the kids a lot! We keep busy with school and play dates, working out and lunch with friends. Michael and I celebrated our 8th anniversary earlier this month. Also, Michael turned the big 30 in September and I'm not far behind. Again, something I can't believe! Geez... what happened to my 20's, how did 10 years go by so fast? With all of our technology we still don't have a way to slow time. ;0
Well, if you got this far, thanks for reading.. Hopefully I can continue to update... at least monthly!