Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big Week!

This week is a big week for us! Malorie turned 3 months old on Sunday (April 25th) and Caden will be 4 on Saturday!! These past 3 months have really flown by when we look back on them. But, in the middle of it all it seemed to drag. Malorie's allergies have been managed with the most expensive formula on the market and previcid. We spend approximately $200 on formula in one month easily. But, it's well worth it for her to be comfortable. The previcid she is on has to be compounded becuase the pill form is coated in lactose and with her milk/soy/lactose intolerance we just can't go there. Over all she's a completely different baby today then she was just 4 weeks ago. What she had was NOT colic (whatever that really is anyway). She clearly had an allergy to her formulas, I was convinced when all of her symptoms stopped abruptly when I moved her to the hypoallergenic formula. I have to say, I didn't think Iwould make it to this point during those screaming fits that lasted litterally all day long. We both cried for the first 9 weeks of her little life. But, Michael and I didn't stop to find a way to make her more comfortable. Her doctor at the time was not listening to us and was frankly annoyed by us. We were in the office every week, no kidding! But, when you are a parent of a child that cries none stop, no sleep and on BP meds, you have no other choice by to find answers. I decided after getting no where with her doctors that I would do the research myself and that is when I came to the conclusion that I needed to change DRs. We are seeing a new group that seems to agree with the way I think we should do things... and I hope it stays that way.

Back to the present, Michael has been gone for the most part of two weeks. Thank God Malorie has things under control. I'm just not sure I would be able to handle it if it weren't under control. It's still hard dealing with two young ones for 24 hours straight days on end. But, thankfully my Mom has been a huge help! I don't know how I woul do it without her!

Caden has been slowly but surely trying to get used to having Malorie around. It's been a lot harder on him then I really thought it would be. But, I guess nearly 4 years alone is a long time to have the rug pullled out from underneath you. He loves his sister though and he's extremely protective, it's cute.

Malorie's newest thing is stranger anxiety. She is so sensitive to everything. It's truely amazing to see the difference between her and Caden. It's litterally night and day. He never really cared who had him as long as his needs were met in a timely matter. Malorie on the other hand, really doesn't want to have anything to do with anyone other then me (Mom) and those she's close to, Michael and my Mom. If she's eased into it she does much better then if it's an abrupt change of hands. Then she goes from 0 to 100 screaming until she feel comfortable again. And that can take a while the longer she cries. It's hard for me to see her have such a hard time but God is showing me my patience beyond what I ever expected from myself. :)

Here are a few pics of the kids!

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