Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day by day..

Malorie will be 8 weeks old on Monday! Time goes by so much faster these days. I remember being a kid and thinking 24 hours was such a long time. Back then I would spend my time wishing time would go by faster. Now I spend my time wishing it would slow down. Especially when I think that my little baby boy will be 4 in a month and half! How can this be? Where has the time gone? It's hard for me to believe that I have two kids, let alone one that will be 4. It's harder for me to believe that in less then a year I will be 30! WOW! I have to admit that I had a mini meltdown when I received the information about my 1o year reunion that will be held in July. For so long that has just been an event that's been anticipated, but seemed so far off. Now I'm looking at 4 months until that most anticipated event. I guess I better get used to time flying by me :)

Well it's been a while since my last post, mainly because it's hard to find time to sit down and get on the computer long enough to post. Malorie has had colic since she was about 2 weeks old. It has been extremely trying for Michael and I.. well and Caden as well. He hates to hear her screaming and doesn't understand that there is nothing wrong. We tell him all the time that babies just cry for no reason. He still seems uptight and very uncomfortable when she has her screaming fits.

We have tried every formula you can think of to ease her gas pains. We are currently on our last option before going to completely hypoallergenic formula. Which is nasty and VERY expensive. She is also on Previcid for sever reflux. She spits up and will occasionally have projectile vomiting spells. I knew something was wrong when she would scream after eatting and it always seemed to be in combination with burping her. I have done my fair share of research on reflux and gas and colic. I'm constantly googling and reading up on ways to make her more comfortable. But, I feel like we are on the right path now.. (fingers crossed). Instead of everyday being a "bad day" she has good days in between the bad days. Part of that might be that shes 2 months old and is starting to grow out of the colic, but either way I just hope she continues to get better and better. It's so hard to watch your child scream constantly like they are in pain and to have a DR tell you that there is nothing you can do to help them. We were told she would just need to grow out of it. I cried when they told us nothing was wrong, she was just colicky. Not that I wanted something to be wrong but I just had a hard time excepting that answer of being able to do nothing for her. So Michael and I have spent the last 8 weeks rocking, bouncing, singing, swaying... you name it we have done it to keep her happy. She has all of the typical signs of colic and loves to be moving CONSTANTLY. But, now that she has "good days" we are trying to work on letting her entertain herself. There's nothing like creating another problem because of a problem. I really didn't want her to become extremely needy becuase of the colic. So far she has done pretty good as long as she's in a good mood. She is able to entertain her self a little bit longer each time. She's starting to notice people especially me (Mom). When she seems me walk by she bats her hands in the air and starts to wiggle around and eventually gets upset if I don't pick her up immediatly. She loves Caden and Caden loves her. He's always telling me how cute she is and he's always coming up and kissing on her and loving on her. He's such a loving big brother. When we go places he's always reminding me not to forget Malorie. It's so cute :)

On top of Malories reflux, feeding issues and colic.. we have all been sick the past 3 weeks! It all started with Caden. He woke up with a horrible cough and had it for a week. I really tried my best to keep him away from Malorie. Well, of course about a week later she starts coughing. So first thing Monday morning I take both kids in. Caden had bronchitis and Malorie just had a cold. Again nothing you can do to help her to be more comfortable. I was constantly suctioning her nose and patting her on the back so she can cough up the junk. Luckily it didn't turn in to RSV or anything more serious. Well about half way through her week of being sick guess who gets it... yep me!! After 2 weeks of sick kids, lack of sleep becuase of a newborn and getting sick myself, I'm sure you can imagine what kind of mood I was in. Oh and lets not forget to mention a very colicky baby which was made worse by the cold. I was ready to be checked into the looney bin! And unfortunately I'm still sick, 11 days later. I feel like I might be getting better but just when I think I am the weather changes and I start feeling bad again. I feel like I can't catch a break. But, I'm not trying to complain :) This is our update and here are some pics of Malorie!

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