Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We made it to 36 weeks!

And now I'm wondering after all of the "is she coming or isn't she coming" if I'll get to the last week of January and have to be induced! But, either way we are in the clear and she is free to come at anytime! I'm getting more uncomfortable by the day! We are all ready for her to be here but I think I can say that I'm most ready.. or so is my body at least :)

Caden can't wait to meet his little sister. He has a bear that looks just like his bear that he plans to give to Malorie. He keeps asking me when we can go to the hostipital (the way he says it) to get Malorie so he can bring her bear and give it to her! So cute!

I saw the dr today, I'm seeing her every week from now until the baby is born. She said progress is happening and she really doesn't expect me to make it much longer.. But, I have heard that before. I'll believe it when it happens. Stay tuned for the latest on her arrival and the progress getting there!

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